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With my knowledge and expertise, over 300 million in mortgages have funded this year. Explore customized home financing solutions tailored to your requirements with one of the Top Mortgage Brokers serving Calgary, Airdrie, and all of Alberta. Whether you are purchasing your first home, envisioning a holiday escape, or aiming to establish a real estate portfolio, I offer personalized advice to keep you well-informed about your choices with all the different banks and lenders. Let's team up, and start your journey to make your mortgage dreams happen!

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I work for you, not the bank. Discover all your options today, at no cost to you.


Complete an online application, and a licensed Mortgage Expert will help determine your maximum purchase price. This way, you'll be prepared when that perfect home pops up!

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Ready To Buy

Found a home and ready to get fully approved? We're here to assist you right away with quality service and fast approvals. With access to numerous lenders, we can help secure the best rate and product for you!

Access Equity

Considering tapping into your home's value for some extra cash? Leveraging your home equity is a smart way to bring together debts or secure funds for significant purchases or expenses. Dive in to learn more about the possibilities!

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Renewal Options

If your mortgage is up for renewal in the next six months, now's the time to explore your options. While your lender will send a renewal offer, we can also explore the market to find you a better interest rate or product. Let's make sure you're getting the best deal possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-qualification?

A pre-qualification is when you provide generalized information to a lender or online calculator, without the information being confirmed, and receive an estimated max purchase price.

What is a pre-approval?

A pre-approval is when a qualified mortgage professional reviews the information provided, such as your mortgage application, income & down payment documents, along with verifying your credit bureau to provide you with a more accurate max purchase price.

What is an approval?

After you have an accepted offer to purchase your dream home, your Mortgage Broker will submit your information to a lender. Once the lender reviews & confirms all the information provided, they will provide you with a full approval.

How much can I qualify for?

If you're buying an owner-occupied property, you may be eligible to put as little as 5% down. It's important to note that while the minimum down payment is 5%, you still need to qualify for the total mortgage amount, which is based on your income and debts. Keep in mind that the rules change for a purchase price above $500,000. In such cases, you will require 5% on the first $500K and 10% on the remainder (up to $1M). For homes over $1M, a minimum of 20% down is required. If you're purchasing a rental property, a minimum of 20% down is also necessary.

Should I got with a variable or fixed rate mortgage?

Choosing between fixed and variable rates? A fixed mortgage offers stable payments over a set term, ideal for budgeting. Yet, consider penalties and your long-term goals. Variable rates fluctuate with Prime, great in falling rates, riskier in rising markets. Guarantee consistency with a fixed rate for staying put, explore variable for flexibility. Connect with our experts for guidance!

What is a co-signer?

A co-signer is usually added to your application when you don't qualify for a home on your own. Their income and debts are included to assess if it enhances your overall approval. When someone co-signs, they become part of the mortgage title and documents. This new mortgage debt reflects on their credit bureau, potentially affecting their future credit score and loan affordability.


Holly L.

My bank brushed me off and told me to rent. Another mortgage broker pre approved me for a low amount with very little customer service. I lucked out and was put in contact with a Melodie. She spent a week communicating with me every day by email, text and calls. Making sure we'd explored every possibility for my finances. Now I'm pre approved and have made an offer on my dream home. I so excited to be able to have the opportunity to raise my children in a home we can all be proud of. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had Melodie fighting for me!

Tereza H.

My partner and I met Melodie to discuss our first possible mortgage. Melodie was very easy to talk to, answered all questions with ease, and really understood our needs. She is very knowledge and we would recommend her services to everyone!

Jeremy A.

Melodie is someone who cares. She concisely answered my million questions in a clear effective manor. She was polite, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Melodie to my friends and family. ( Thats saying a lot. ) Looking forward to working with Melodie and her team.

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